Course in Nursing , School of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University
Department of Evidence-Based Clinical Nursing , Division of Health Sciences,
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Integrated Community Care/Geriatric Nursing

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Laboratory Staff
    PHONE & FAX  
Professor FUKUI Sakiko 06-6879-2541 E-mail:
Associate Professor YAMAKAWA Miyae 06-6879-2543 E-mail:
Assistant Professor HIGUCHI Akari 06-6879-2547 Email:
Main Research Themes
1. End-of Life Care and Advance Care Planning for End-of-Life Stage Patients and their Families
2. Interprofessional Collaboration within/between Healthcare Professionals and Care Workers
3. Development of a Quality Assessment IT System on Care/Nursing at Home Care Setting and Institutional Care Setting
4. Development of a web self-assessment tool for people with early onset dementia, their family and professional caregivers
5. Construction of an educational program for the nurses in primary care setting for people with dementia
6. Study on comprehensive fall risk assessment by nurses using technology in long-term care setting
7. Application to nursing education deepening empathic understanding for people with dementia using VR (Virtual Reality)