Course in Nursing , School of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University
Department of Health Promotion Science , Division of Health Sciences,
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Public Health Nursing Science Laboratory
Laboratory Staff
Professor OKAMOTO Reiko 06-6879-2550 E-mail:
Associate Prof KAGEYAMA Masako 06-6879-2553 E-mail:
( Main Research Themes )
1.Construction of public health nursing skills.(OKAMOTO)
2.Competency development for public health nurses.(OKAMOTO)
3.Action research for primary and/or secondary prevention.(OKAMOTO)
4.Family members of persons with mental disorders and family self-help groups.(KAGEYAMA)
5.Support for parental mental health challenges.(KAGEYAMA)
6.Support through groups and mental health consultation by public health nurses.(KAGEYAMA)