Course in Nursing , School of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University
Department of Evidence-Based Clinical Nursing , Division of Health Sciences,
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Nursing of Chronic illness Laboratory

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Laboratory Staff
    PHONE & FAX  
Professor SHIMIZU Yasuko 06-6879-2540 E-mail:
Associate Professor KAWAI Nobuko 06-6879-2534 E-mail:
Assistant Professor HATANAKA Kaori 06-6879-2462 E-mail:
Main Research Themes
1. Self-care for people who have chronic illness
2. Nursing for people who have chronic illness
3. Nursing support system for outpatient with chronic illness
4.Studies about nursing practice for people with diabetes focusing on their continuity.
5.Education for people with risk factors for cardiovascular disease.