Course in Nursing , School of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University
Department of Children and Women's Health , Division of Health Sciences,
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Child and Family Nursing Laboratory

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Laboratory Staff
    PHONE & FAX  
Professor YAMAZAKI Akemi 06-6879-2530 E-mail:
Associate Professor NIINOMI Kazuteru 06-6879-2535 E-mail:
Associate Professor KIKUCHI Ryota 06-6879-2537 E-mail:

Main Research Themes
1. Qualitative family research using a family interview method
2. Development of a family nursing in house group training program using a case method
3. Research on transition period support for children/families with illnesses or disorders
4. Developing an information sharing program for siblings of children with cancer
5. Evaluation of QOL in pediatric organ transplantation