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Tetsumoto S, Takeda Y, Imai H, Kimura A,  Jin Y, Nakanishi K, Maeda Y, Kuhara H, Tsujino K, Iwasaki T, Shigeta H, Kondo Y, Ito M, Minami T, Hirata H, Takahashi R, Kohmo S, Nagatomo I, Inoue K, Kida H, Kijima T, Tachibana I, Maeda N, Funahashi T, Shimomura I, Fujiwara H, Kumanogoh A. Validation of non-invasive morphological and diffusion imaging in mouse mphysema by micro-CT and hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI Am J Resp Cell Mol in press


Iguchi S, Imai H, Hori Y, Nakajima J, Kimura A*, Fujiwara H. Direct Imaging of Alveolar Gas Uptake with Hyperpolarized 129Xe Ultrashort Echo-Time MRI and Its Application to Physiological Assessment of Emphysema in Mouse Lung.
Magn Reson Med 2013;70:207-215.


Imai H, Kimura A*, Akiyama K, Ota C, Okimoto K, Fujiwara H. Development of a Fast Method for Quantitative Measurement of Hyperpolarized 129Xe Dynamics in Mouse Brain.
NMR Biomed 2012;25:210-217.

1 Imai H, Kimura A*, Hori Y, Iguchi S, Kitao T, Okubo E, Ito T, Matsuzaki T, Fujiwara H. Hyperpolarized 129Xe Lung MRI in Spontaneous Breathing Mice with Respiratory Gated Fast Imaging and Its Application to Pulmonary Functional Imaging.
NMR Biomed 2011;24:1-11

2 Imai F, Kashiwagi R, Imai H, Iguchi S, Kimura A, Fujiwara H. Hyperpolarized 129Xe MR Imaging with Balanced Steady-State Free Precession in Spontaneously Breathing Mouse Lungs.
Magn Reson Med Sci 2011;10:33-40
3 Narazaki M, Kimura A*, Imai H, Fujiwara H. Confirming the Origin of Dissolved-Phase Hyperpolarized 129Xe Signal from the Mice Chest Based on Experimental Evidence from Extensive Magnetic Resonance Measurements.
Magn Reson Med Sci 2011;10:149-54.
1 Imai H, Kimura A, Ito T, Fujiwara H. Hyperpolarized 129Xe dynamic study in mouse lung under spontaneous respiration: Application to murine tumor B16BL6 melanoma.
Eur J Radiol 2010; 73:196-205

2 Imai H, Kimura A, Iguchi S, Hori Y, Masuda S, Fujiwara H. Non-invasive Detection of Pulmonary Tissue Destruction in a Mouse Model of Emphysema Using Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRS under Spontaneous Respiration.
Magn Reson Med 2010;64:929-938.

1 Hori Y, Kimura A, Wakayama T, Kitamoto M, Imai F, Imai H, Fujiwara H. 3D Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI of mouse lung at low xenon concentration using a continuous flow-type hyperpolarizing system: feasibility for quantitative measurement of regional ventilation. Magn Reson Med Sci 2009; 8:73-9.
2 Yamamoto A, Sato H, Enmi J, Ishida K, Ose T, Kimura A, Fujiwara H, Watabe H, Hayashi T, Iida H. Use of a clinical MRI scanner for preclinical research on rats.
Radiol Phys Technol 2009; 2:13-21

1 Wakayama T, Kitamoto M, Ueyama T, Imai H, Narazaki M, Kimura A, Fujiwara H. Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI of the Mouse Lung at a Low Xenon Concentration Using a Continuous Flow-Type Hyperpolarizing System.
J Magn Reson Imag

2 Wakayama T, Narazaki M, Kimura A, Fujiwara H. Hyperpolarized 129Xe Phase Selective Imaging of Mouse Lung at 9.4T Using a Continuous Flow-Type Hyperpolarizing System.
Magn Reson Med Sci. 2008; 7:65-72

3 Imai H, Fukutomi J, Kimura A, Fujiwara H Effect of Reduced Pressure on the Polarization of 129Xe in the Production of Hyperpolarized 129Xe Gas: Development of a Simple Continuous Flow Mode Hyperpolarizing System Working at Pressures as Low as 0.15 atm.
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B 2008;33:192-200

4 Kimura A, Imai H, Wakayama T, Fujiwara H. A Simple Method for Quantitative Measurement and Analysis of Hyperpolarized 129Xe Uptake Dynamics in Mouse Brain under Controlled-Flow.
Magn Reson Med Sci 2008;7:179-185

1 Fukutomi J, Adachi Y, Kaneko A, Kimura A, Fujiwara HInclusion complex formation of Thiacalix[4]arene and Xe in aqueous solution studied by hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR.
J. Incl. Phenom. Macrocyc. Chem.58, 115-122, 2007.
2 Kawata Y, Adachi Y, Haga S, Fukutomi J, Imai H, Kimura A, Fujiwara HAnalysis of Temperature and Pressure Dependence of 129Xe NMR Chemical Shift and Signal Intensity for the Derivation of Basic Parameters of Adsorption as applied to Zeolite ZSM-5.
Analytical Sciences23,1397-1402,2007.
3 上山毅, 若山哲也,木村敦臣,藤原英明超編極129Xeを用いたin vivo MRI研究―マウス肺での機能画像取得の試み―日磁医誌27:24-26,2007
4 木村敦臣超偏極希ガスのMRI/MRSによる新規肺機能診断法の開発に関する研究INNERVISION22:31,2007

1 Sugiura M, Kimura A, Fujiwara HDiscrimination of Enantiomers by Means of NMR Spectroscopy using Chiral Liquid Crystal Solution: Application to Tiazole Fungicides, Uniconazole and Diniconazol.
Magn. Reson. Chem44, 121-126,2006
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3 Narazaki M, Wakayama T, Imai H, Kimura A, Fujiwara HAnalysis of Hyperpolarized 129Xe Dynamics in Mouse Lungs under Spontaneous Respiration of Lung Functional Parameters and Relaxation Time.
Magn. Reson. Med. Sci.5, 119-128, 2006

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5 Kimura A, Wakayama T, Narazaki M, Kawata Y, Ueyama T, Fujiwara H.Improvement of T1 Determination of Hyperpolarized 129Xe in Mouse Brain under Controlled-Flow. Magn. Reson. Med. Sci.3, 199-205,2004.
6 木村敦臣超偏極希ガスの連続フロー型製造装置開発と脳機能磁気共鳴研究への応用INNERVISION19:17,2004
7 藤原英明,村瀬研也,木村敦臣病態モデル動物を用いた超偏極希ガスMRI/MRSの臨床応用研究INNERVISION19:19,2004

1 A. Kimura, M. Narazaki, Y. Kanazawa, and H. Fujiwara
19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Perfluorooctanoic Acid Encapsulated in Liposome for Biodistribution Measurement
Magn. Reson. Imag., 22, 855-860(2004).

K. Saito, A. Kimura, and H. Fujiwara
The Study of Xe Adsorption Behavior in Meso-Size Pores of Carbon Black Materials using Laser-Polarized 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy
Magn. Reson. Imag., 21, 401-403 (2003).

3 J. Fukutomi, E. Suzuki, T. Shimizu, A. Kimura, and H. Fujiwara,Analysis of the Effect of Foreign Gases in the Production of Hyperpolarised 129Xe gas on a Simple System Working under Atmospheric Pressure
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4 H. Fujiwara, A. Kimura, Y. Yanagawa, T. Kamiya, M. Hattori, and T. Hiraga,Relaxation Behavior of Laser-Polarized 129Xe Gas: Size Dependency and Wall Effect of the T1 Relaxation Time in Glass and Gelatin Bulbs,
J. Magn. Reson., 150, 1-5(2001).

柳 川 康 洋,木 村 敦 臣,木 下 良 正,服 部 峰 之,平 賀 隆,
飯 田 秀 博,藤 原 英 明,
, 日磁医誌 2001; 21: 109-118


M. Sugiura, A. V. Vashchenko, A. V. Afonin, A. Kimura, and H. Fujiwara, Conformational Analysis of Quinolines Substituted with Vinyloxyl or Vinylthio Group at the Ortho Position by Means of the NMR Selective Relaxation Method. Experimental Verification of the Planar Structure in Solution, J. Chem. Soc., Perkin 2, 1489-1494(2000).


F. Kasuya, M. Fukui, Y. Yanagawa, A. Kimura, and H. Fujiwara,
Metabolism of an Ionic Contrast Medium and the Related Agents,
J. Chromatog. B
, 4, 25-31(2000).


A. V. Afonin, A. V. Vashchenko, T. Takagi, A. Kimura, and H. Fujiwara, Specific Intramolecular Interactions C-HN in Heteroaryl Vinyl Ethers and heteroaryl Vinyl Sulfides Studied by 1H, 13C, and 15N NMR Spectroscopies and by ab initio Calculations on Molecular Structures as well as on Nuclear Shieldings, Can., J. Chem.,77,416-424(1999).


A. Kimura, K. Takamoto, and H. Fujiwara, Conformation Diversity of [D-Pen2, D-Pen5]Enkephalin as Studied by Magic-Angle Spinning Liquid-Crystal NMR Spectroscopy and Multiconformational Analysis,
J. Am. Chem. Soc.,120,9656-9661(1998).


A. Kimura, A. Sakai, S. Tsukishiro, S. Beppu, and H. Fujiwara, Preparation and Characterization of Echogenic Liposome as an Ultrasound Contrast Agent: Size-Dependency and Stabilizing Effect of Cholesterol on the Echogenicity of Gas-Entrapping Liposome,
Chem. Pharm. Bull.,46,1493-1496(1998)

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