Forming Research and Educational Hubs
of Medical Physics

Indiana Univ. - Osaka Univ. Partnership Symposium

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May 23, 2011
Noon Lecture @ Radiation Oncology Library

12:00 Teruki Teshima Overview of JSPS Core-to-Core Program
Kichiji Hatanaka Development of the Next Generation Particle Radiotherapy Device

May 23, 2011
Resident Didactic Session @ Radiation Oncology Library

16:30 Masaki Suga IMRT Dose calculation to account for intrafractional rigid motion

May 24, 2011
Cancer Informatics and Imaging Technology Workshop @ School of Engineering and Technology

13:20 David Russomanno
(Dean of Purdue School of Eng. and Tech., IUPUI)
Dean's Welcome Remarks
13:30 Hideki Takegawa Therapeutic Imaging and/or Imaging Application
13:50 Masaaki Takashina Diagnostic imaging with a photon counting CdTe line detector
14:10 Lauren Christopher 3D imaging and Image guided surgery
14:30 Coffee Break
14:40 Kathryn J. Wilson
(Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, IUPUI)
IUPUI Imaging Initiative
14:50 Hodaka Numasaki Cancer Information System Utilizing IT
15:10 Hiroki Yokota Overview of Biomedical Engineering at Indiana
15:30 Huanmei Wu Imaging based Cancer Informatics
15:50 Keith Stantz Medical Imaging
16:10 Lab tours, including
The 3D imaging lab
The Biometrics and Pattern Recognition Lab
Transportation Active Safety Institute Lab
16:20 Collaboration Discussions

May 25, 2011
Osaka Univ.- Indiana Univ. Scientific and Clinical Symposium @ Bloomington

9:00 Introduction & Overview
James Douglas Introduction
Chee-Wai Cheng
& Niek Schreuder
Uncertainty in proton beam therapy
Jeff Buchsbaum Unexpected Issues in Proton Therapy: The Clinicianfs Perspective
9:50 Radiobiology
Marc Mendonca Radiobiology, RBE at IUHPTC
Yuichi Akino Particle irradiation has suppressing effects on cancer metastasis
11:00 Tour
11:00 Monte Carlo
Vadim Moskvin Review of Monte Carlo simulation in the IU Department of Radiation Oncology and IU Health Proton Therapy Center
Masaaki Takashina Monte Carlo simulations concerning particle therapys
12:40 Lunch
13:30 Monte Carlo (cont'd)
Takuma Horaguchi Simulation of 99Mo production experiment using the PHITS Monte Carlo code
Rown Parola Neutron production in proton therapy: simulation with MCNPX
Qingya gFrankh Zhao Proton beam simulation with Geant4
14:40 New technologies in Proton Therapy
Vladimir Derenchuk Independent treatment room operation and beam splitting
Kichiji Hatanaka Development of high-temperature superconducting magnet
Vladimir Anferov Uniform scanning and dose verification techniques
Alexander Klyachko GEM-based dose imaging for pencil beam scanning
Chen-Yu Liu Ultra-cold Neutron (UCN)

May 26, 2011
Osaka Univ.- Indiana Univ. Scientific and Clinical Symposium @ Bloomington

9:00 Introduction
Indra Das Introduction
Masahiko Koizumi Establishment of the medical physics team and its work at Osaka University Hospital
Qingya gFrankh Zhao 4D planning in Scanned proton beam
Hideki Takegawa CBCT-based dose calculation with Monte Carlo simulation
10:45 Break
Yuichi Akino IMRT optimization to account for MV-CBCT dose for prostate cancer
Minsong Cao Image-guidance for SBRT
Huanmei Wu Motion management
12:40 Indra Das / James Douglas Closing Remarks


Radiation oncology Lab.
w-ray spectrum Lab.

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