Forming Research and Educational Hubs
of Medical Physics

Univ. of Groningen - Osaka Univ. Partnership Symposium

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May 30, 2011 @ KVI

10:30 Tour KVI-facility
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Klaus Jungmann
(Director KVI)
KVI, research institute for fundamental and applied particle physics
Sytze Brandenburg Particle therapy research at KVI
Mitsuhiro Fukuda Development of a high temperature superconducting magnet
15:20 Coffee and tea break
15:40 Mamoru Fujiwara Development of nuclear spin imaging
David Oxley In-vivo verification with ToF-PET
Emiel van der Graaf Modelling and validation of CT-stopping power translation

May 31, 2011 @ UMCG Education Center (P3270)

9:00 Masaaki Takashina Monte Carlo simulations concerning particle therapy using PHTS
Hideki Takegawa CBCT-based dose calculation in combination with Monte Carlo simulation
Masao Matsumoto Diagnostic imaging with a photon counting CdTe line detector
10:20 Cofee and tea break
10:40 Masashi Yagi Application of modern diagnostic modalities (dual energy CT) to radiotherapy
Erik Korevaar Experience with clinical routine IMRT verification
Kees Schilstra Modelling of normal tissue side effects
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Hans Langendijk Clinical particle therapy research in Groningen
Teruki Teshima Overview of JSPS Core-to-core programme
Kazumasa Minami Particle irradiation has suppressing effects on cancer metastasis
15:10 Cofee and tea break
15:30 Teruki Teshima Cancer information system utilizing IT and Japanese National Cancer Database (JNCDB)
Aart van't Veld Proton therapy facility Groningen
Peter van Luijk Prediction, prevention and treatment of normal tissue damage
17:00 Rene Bolt Tour UMCG radiotherapy facility

June 1, 2011 @ UMCG Radiotherapy meeting room 3rd floor

8:00 (Closed session) Meeting on Osaka - Groningen collaboration
9:30 Yasuo Yoshioka HDR brachytherapy at Osaka University Hospital
Hans Paul van der Laan Dysphagia reduction with optimized photon and proton intensity-modulated radiotherapy for head and neck cancer
10:30 Cofee and tea break
10:50 Closing remarks and general discussion


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