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Area of Medical Imaging Technology and Science/Department of Medical Physics and Engineering
Radiation Oncology


The laboratory aims to clarify the biological cellular and tissue responses to irradiation. Our lab is a rare facility that uses gamma rays, X-rays, and electron, proton, and heavy-particle beams for research. We are currently collaborating with the Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center (Osaka prefecture), Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center (Hyogo prefecture), and National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (Chiba prefecture). We are interested in comparing all radiation sources in terms of their relative biological effects, metastatic potential, and immunological potential after irradiation, to potentially discover biological findings that can be used for radiotherapy. Additionally, we expect students to develop the ability to identify and solve scientific problems through the execution of research projects.


Laboratory Members

Professor Masahiko KOIZUMI
Assistant Professor Kazumasa Minami
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