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Graduate School of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences/Faculty of Medicine, School of Allied Health Sciences promote international collaborative research and academic exchange.

We have several international collaborative research projects. The new project funded by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science will examine the differences in the prevalence of behavioural psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), such as wandering among nine study sites. The project will further explore factors associated with BPSD. Universities from China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan will participate in this project. Ongoing student/faculty exchange programs are University of Oulu, Finland, Indiana University, USA, and Ewha Womans University, Korea. New exchange programs are Tzu chii College of Technology and Taipei Medical University, Taiwan and Shanghai Ligong Daxue, China.

List of International Academic Exchange Agreements

Country Partner Schools Date Concluded
FinlandUniversity of Oulu,Faculty of Medicine,Department of Nursing and Health Administration2007.8
AmericaPurdue University On behalf of its School of Nursing,Calumet Campus2015.11
KoreaEwha Womans University,Division of Nursing Science,College of Health Science2002.11
KoreaDaegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Sceience and Technology2017.1
ChinaSouthern Medical University2010.11
ChinaShanghai University of Medicine&Health Sciences2016.3
ChinaIndustrial and Commercial College,Anhui University of Technology2016.8
TaiwanTzu Chi College of Technology,Office of Research & Development2013.7
TaiwanTaipei Medical University,College of Nursing2013.11
MongoliaMongolian University of Science and Technology2013.8
ThaiPhetchaburi Rajabhat University,Faculty of Nursing Science2017.8
SudanFaculty of Medicine Alzaiem Alazhari University,Sudan Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences2017.1

Foreign Students in our School

Country School/Faculties Graduate School Research Students,etc Total
Master Doctor

History of academic exchange

Division of Health Science, Center for International Academic Programs

Center for International Academic Programs was established in 2009 to promote academic exchange, and the Japan Centre for Evidence Based Practice was established in the following year to get connected with the collaborating centres from over 50 countries. The center has been supporting young faculty and graduate students to expand research network. This year, we will have one month summer seminar on long-term care for students from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. We will have a joint research seminar with nursing students and faculty from University of Oulu, Finland.