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Educational Programs (Liberal Arts and Sciences programs and Major Courses)
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Liberal Arts and Sciences programs common to all faculties (Toyonaka Campus)
First through third semester

When you are admitted to the Osaka University School of Allied Health Sciences, you will spend the first 18 months (first, second and third semesters) at Toyonaka Campus studying general educational subjects and core subjects related to your specialty along with students from different faculties and departments. Students shall make friends with those who study different fields, and the friendship of this sort may become very important and meaningful later in their lives.

General educational course are basic educational courses, which all the enrolled students at Osaka University must take. The goals of these courses are for students to obtain a holistic understanding of various social problems and to learn effective decision-making. We also aim to help students improve their motivation to study.

Core courses for the major help build the foundation for the discipline. These subjects include physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology, which help understand basic concepts of specialty fields, in addition to the methodology such as mathematics and drafting science.

General educational courses
General educational courses General electives Language and information science
Foreign language Information science Japanese language
Social Science (including human rights education) Basic seminars Special courses
Health and sport education    
Basic educational courses related to specialty
Course of Nursing Course of Medical Physics and Engineering Course of Laboratory Sciences
Major Courses (Suita Campus)
First through eighth semesters

Core courses for each discipline are offered in the 1 st semester; however full-fledged lectures and laboratory training are conducted starting in the fourth semester (second half of sophomore year) mainly at the Health Science building located in the Suita Campus.


educational courses related to specialty
Course of Nursing
Allied Health Sciences, Introduction Anatomy Physiology I
Biochemistry Clinical Nutrition Fundamentals of Nursing
Microbiology Social Welfare Clinical Pathology
Theory of Nursing Practice Basic Nursing Skills, Practice Communication Skills, Practice
Community Health Nursing Clinical Practice of Fundamental Nursing Pathology
Fundamental Practice of Basic Medicine Human Genetics Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Information Sciences in Health Care Assessment Skills, Practice Teaching Skills, Practice
Fundamentals of Child Nursing Child Health Introduction to Maternal Nursing
Maternal Clinical Medicine Fundamentals of Adult Health Nursing Adult Clinical Medicine I
Adult Clinical Medicine II Adult Clinical Medicine III Health Statistics
Nursing Pharmacology School Counseling Clinical Practice of Pediatrics,
Clinical Child Nursing Maternal Nursing Mental Health and Psychiatric Care
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Adult Nursing I Clinical Adult Nursing II
Adult Nursing III Fundamentals of Geriatric Nursing Clinical Geriatric Nursing
Geriatric Medicine Home medical care Social Welfare
Health Care Administration Community Health Medicine Community Health Nursing Activities
Reproductive Science School Nursing School Health
Community Health Nursing Activities II Fundamentals of Midwifery Midwifery I
Synthesis Practice : Practice of Nursing Skills Clinical Practice of Child Nursing Clinical Practice of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Clinical Practice of Adult Nursing Clinical Practice of Geriatric Nursing  
Home Care Practice Seminar on Community Health Nursing Community Health Nursing Practicum
Neonatal physiology, pathology Midwifery II Midwifery III
Midwifery Management Clinical Practice of Midwifery Lifestyle & Environmental Health
Curriculum & Instruction of Health Education (A) Curriculum & Instruction of Health Education (B)  
Course of Medical Physics and Engineering
Allied Health Sciences, Introduction Medical Physics, Introduction  
Radiation Biology Electric Engineering Radiation Physics
Physiology Medical Sociology Radiographic Image Theory
Biochemistry Electric Engineering, Practice Radiology, Introduction
Imaging Anatomy Imaging Anatomy, Practice Medical Instument Control
Radiographic Image, Practice Clinical Pharmacology System Control Engineering
Radiotherapy Physics Medical Electronics Engineering I Biomedical Experiments, Practice
Biomedical Molecular Engineering Nursing Medical Informatics
Medical Informatics II    
Image Information Science Image Information Science, Practice Related Regulations
Radiation Safety Control Radiochemistry, Practice Radiation Measurement
Radiation Measurement, Practice Medical Imaging I Medical Imaging II
Cardiovascular Technology Nuclear Medicine Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacology
Medical Instrument Engineering Medical Imaging Instruments II Medical Electronic Engineering II
Medical Electronic Engineering, Practice Biomedical Optics Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Radiation Oncology I Radiation Oncology II Imaging Techniques
Medical Instrument Engineering, Practice I Medical Instrument Engineering, Practice I I Clinical Training I
Clinical Training II Emergency Medicine  
Thesis Work Clinical Training  
Course of Laboratory Sciences
Allied Health Sciences, Introduction Introduction to Laboratory Science  
Physiology Public Health Introduction to Clinical Medicine
Human Histology Practice of Human Histology Biochemistry
Practice of Biochemistry Microbiology Medical Engineering
Statistical Analysis Practice of Statistical Analysis Pathology
Practice of Pathology Applied Anatomy for Imaging Clinical Chemistry I
Clinical Chemistry III Practice of Clinical Chemistry II  
Bioscience Clinical Immunology Clinical Chemistry II
Practice of Clinical Chemistry I Clinical Physiology I Clinical Physiology II
Diagnostic Pathology Practice of Diagnostic Pathology Clinical Hematology
Clinical Microbiology Parasitology Practice of Parasitology
Pharmacology Sports and Laboratory Science Experimental Animal Anatomy
Laboratory Management Practice of Physiology Practice of Clinical Immunology
Biotechnology I Biotechnology II Practice of Biotechnology
Practice of Clinical Physiology Practice of Clinical Hematology Laboratory Exercises of Clinical of Microbiology I,II
Special Laboratory Research(3rd Year)    
Clinical Pathology Clinical Training Applications of Radioisotope
Radiology, Outline Emergency Medicine Environmental Health
Practice of Environmental Health Practical Laboratory Training Nursing