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Course of Nursing
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The purpose of nursing is to maintain, enhance, and regain health for human beings. Nursing also helps provide essential conditions for people to live better lives. In order to realize it, we need to fully understand the target population for nursing and the environment, which may affect human health. We also need to learn the basic mechanism of the diseases that nursing professionals deal with. In addition, in-depth understanding of nursing, including health science and midwifery, is essential for research and clinical practice in the future.

Therefore students in this major study not only nursing-related subjects but also other subjects pertaining to human resource management, social science, natural science, foreign languages, health science, and medical science.

The main educational focus is to study nursing scientifically in order to develop professionals who can flexibly respond to social and environmental changes and to develop those with self-development skills who are capable of continuously creating something new in the future.

After successfully completing our curriculum, the graduates are expected to have the potential to become clinical leaders using their nursing expertise and working for various medical institutions and health-related government institutions and corporate divisions. The graduates may also choose to take post-graduate courses and conduct further research in nursing to become nursing educators and scholars.

Allied Health Sciences, Introduction Anatomy Physiology I
Biochemistry Clinical Nutrition Fundamentals of Nursing
Microbiology Social Welfare Clinical Pathology
Theory of Nursing Practice Basic Nursing Skills, Practice Communication Skills, Practice
Community Health Nursing Clinical Practice of Fundamental Nursing Pathology
Fundamental Practice of Basic Medicine Human Genetics Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Information Sciences in Health Care Assessment Skills, Practice Teaching Skills, Practice
Fundamentals of Child Nursing Child Health Introduction to Maternal Nursing
Maternal Clinical Medicine Fundamentals of Adult Health Nursing Adult Clinical Medicine I
Adult Clinical Medicine II Adult Clinical Medicine III Health Statistics
Nursing Pharmacology School Counseling Clinical Practice of Pediatrics,
Clinical Child Nursing Maternal Nursing Mental Health and Psychiatric Care
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Adult Nursing I Clinical Adult Nursing II
Adult Nursing III Fundamentals of Geriatric Nursing Clinical Geriatric Nursing
Geriatric Medicine Home medical care Social Welfare
Health Care Administration Community Health Medicine Community Health Nursing Activities
Reproductive Science School Nursing School Health
Community Health Nursing Activities II Fundamentals of Midwifery Midwifery I
Synthesis Practice : Practice of Nursing Skills Clinical Practice of Child Nursing Clinical Practice of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Clinical Practice of Adult Nursing Clinical Practice of Geriatric Nursing  
Home Care Practice Seminar on Community Health Nursing Community Health Nursing Practicum
Neonatal physiology, pathology Midwifery II Midwifery III
Midwifery Management Clinical Practice of Midwifery Lifestyle & Environmental Health
Curriculum & Instruction of Health Education (A) Curriculum & Instruction of Health Education (B)  
Course of Nursing
Course of Medical Physics and Engineering Course of Laboratory Sciences