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 Course of Medical Physics and Engineering  Course of Laboratory Sciences
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In principle, this field deals with the medical technologies related to radiology. Due to the drastic technological innovation and proliferation of optics, radio waves, and ultrasonic technologies, we strive to be a 21 st century pioneer in these fields.

Coursework in this department starts with safety control and effective use of radiation. We integrate two aspects into our courses: biomedical engineering, which applies a variety of physical properties such as sound, heat, light, electricity and magnetism to the human body for diagnosis, and computer-based medical information science, such as image diagnostics and patient treatment planning. These courses help research and develop effective technologies for early diagnosis and patient treatment of various diseases including malignant diseases.

Our goal is to establish and develop a solid foundation in medical physics as well as in medical engineering. At the same time, we aim to develop professionals who can be leaders in Japan and in the world. Our department has been involved in the training of radiology technicians globally over twenty years and is well known for its international cooperation.

We welcome young spirits who have a wide-ranging education and well-rounded character in addition to keen scientific insight.

Allied Health Sciences, Introduction Medical Physics, Introduction  
Radiation Biology Electric Engineering Radiation Physics
Physiology Medical Sociology Radiographic Image Theory
Biochemistry Electric Engineering, Practice Radiology, Introduction
Imaging Anatomy Imaging Anatomy, Practice Medical Instument Control
Radiographic Image, Practice Clinical Pharmacology System Control Engineering
Radiotherapy Physics Medical Electronics Engineering I Biomedical Experiments, Practice
Biomedical Molecular Engineering Nursing Medical Informatics
Medical Informatics II    
Image Information Science Image Information Science, Practice Related Regulations
Radiation Safety Control Radiochemistry, Practice Radiation Measurement
Radiation Measurement, Practice Medical Imaging I Medical Imaging II
Cardiovascular Technology Nuclear Medicine Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacology
Medical Instrument Engineering Medical Imaging Instruments II Medical Electronic Engineering II
Medical Electronic Engineering, Practice Biomedical Optics Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Radiation Oncology I Radiation Oncology II Imaging Techniques
Medical Instrument Engineering, Practice I Medical Instrument Engineering, Practice I I Clinical Training I
Clinical Training II Emergency Medicine  
Thesis Work Clinical Training  
 Course of Medical Physics and Engineering  Course of Laboratory Sciences