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Area of Medical Imaging Technology and Science/Department of Medical Physics and Engineering
Image Science and Technology


Our research aims to contribute to the advancement of medical science using Deep Learning, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

  • Development of computer-aided diagnosis (detection) system *1 for radiographs, CT images, MR images, and Radiomics*2 using multi-modal images and/or other information.

    *11 Computer-aided diagnosis (detection) system could assist doctors‘ diagnosis based on the results of automatic lesion detection and classification of benign/malignant lesions.
    *2Radiomics integrates image analysis to improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and predict prognosis prediction.

We are also developing

  • a new image-quality evaluation method for color medical images, including monitor and human visual characteristics;
  • a new method to recognize and identify individuals from their biometric features in medical images.

Laboratory Members

Professor Takayuki Ishida
Assistant Professor Yasuyuki Ueda
Assistant Professor Akemi Yamazaki
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