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Partnership Ceremony & Meeting held with Mahidol University
April 19-20, 2023

Eight faculty members from Mahidol University Ramathibodi School of Nursing (Thailand) visited us for the first time after signing an interdivisional agreement with the OU Division of Health Sciences in April 2022.

On the first day, 14 members of the OU faculties and administrative staff attended the ceremony commemorating their visit to deepen exchanges, and in the afternoon meeting, faculties of both schools introduced their own research activities and also had a discussion about the double degree programme.

On the second day, the participants visited and observed the Nursing Department of Osaka University Hospital, where they received a detailed introduction focusing on nursing management with the cooperation of the Nursing Department. A lively question and answer session and exchange of opinions took place, making it a productive time.

Afterward they also visited the Kishimoto Memorial Medical Museum.

April 19th : Ceremony & Academic Meetings

  • サムネイル

    Opening Remarks by OU Dean Kamide

  • サムネイル

    Introduction of Mahidol Univ. by Dr Jumpee

  • サムネイル

    Giving & receiving commemorative gifts

  • サムネイル

    Ceremony attendees
    (Front row, from left)
    Prof Mai Kabayama, Center for Int’l Exchange Center, OU
    Mr Tomoyuki Iwasaki, Director of Nursing Dept, Osaka Univ. HP
    Prof Kei Kamide, Dean of Division of Health Sciences, OU
    Dr Jumpee Granger, Deputy Director for Int’l Relations, MU
    Dr Nareeman Neelapaichit, Deputy of Director of Student Affairs, MU


Academic presentations were made by both universities

April 20th : Visit to OU Hospital

  • サムネイル

    In front of the Osaka University Hospital

  • サムネイル

    Introduction of Nursing Dept, OU HP

  • サムネイル

    HP tour

  • サムネイル

    With OU HP nurses

Academic exchange meeting held in conjunction with the visit of Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology
April 7, 2023

On 7 April, a total of seven visitors, including the President and Dean/Directors of departments, from Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology (TCUST, Taiwan) visited us.
Since signing an interdivisional agreement with the School of Nursing at TCUST in 2013, there has been active exchange through joint research and student dispatches.
The ceremony was organised to further develop and enhance both universities, and included an introduction to recent developments and research presentations from both sides.

TCUST introduced research on ICT, including the joint development of inspection kits for home healthcare services with Hung Kai Precision Industry, and also expressed great interest in establishing a double degree programme with our Division.
From our side, presentations were made on 'Comprehensive community care and scientific technologies promoted by multi-professionals working together' (Prof Takeya) and 'Sleep research for the older people in the community' (Associate Prof Yamakawa).
The meeting was very fruitful, with a lively exchange of views on research activities and the research situation in both universities.

  • サムネイル

    (Front row from left)
    Prof. Mai Kabayama, Director of the Center for Int’l Academic Programs, OU
    Prof. Yasushi Takeya, Geriatric Nursing, OU
    Dr. Kei Kamide, Dean of the Division of Health Sciences, OU
    Prof. Wen-Jui Lo, President of TCUST
    Prof. Robert Tsai, Dean of College of Health Technology and Management cum Director of Department of Information Technology and Management, TCUST
    (Back row from left)
    Associate Prof. Miyae Yamakawa, Geriatric Nursing, OU
    Associate Prof. Christina Sung, Director of Graduate Institute of Long-term Care, TCUST
    Associate Prof. Chi-Ping Chang, Director of Nursing Department, TCUST
    Associate Prof. Mao-Chin Hung, Director of Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, TCUST
    Prof. Ishimatsu Suzuki, Translator

  • サムネイル

    Dr. Kamide receiving a commemorative plaque from Prof. Wen-Jui Lo,

  • サムネイル

    Prof. Kamide giving a commemorative message file to Prof. Wen-Jui Lo

  • サムネイル

    Prof. Takeya giving a stuffed toy of Dr Wani (OU mascot) to Prof. Wen-Jui Lo