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Under the School policy ‘Live Locally, Grow Globally’, our Graduate School of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences/Faculty of Medicine, School of Allied Health Sciences promote international collaborative research and academic exchange.

So far we have concluded inter-faculty partnership agreements with the universities of 11 countries; England, Finland, Hungary, America, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Sudan. One of the international collaborative research projects examines the prevalence of behavioral psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), in the East Asian countries where population aging has been increasingly accelerated. This project will further explore factors associated with BPSD, with cooperation of partner universities including Ewha Womans University (South Korea), Chiang Mai University (Thailand), Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology (Taiwan) and Southern Medical University (China). Meanwhile, more and more faculties and students from East Asian countries visit and stay at our School for study/research purposes.

As one of the main opportunities of student exchange, we have organized two-week Summer School since 2016, in July or August. Almost 20 partnership graduate students participate in this program which gives a variety of lectures and medical/welfare site visits. Recently, co-organized by one of the social welfare corporations, and with assistance of local hospitals/day service centers/community general support centers/library, this program enjoys a high reputation amongst the partner universities. During the program, the participants could also enjoy Japanese culture through ‘welcome party’, ‘tea ceremony’, ‘kimono’ experiences. (From 2021, one-week online summer program has been coordinated under coronavirus pandemic.)

  • Summer Program 2023

    Summer Program 2023

  • Universiti Sains Malaysia visits OU

    Universiti Sains Malaysia visits OU

List of International Academic Exchange Agreements

Country Partner Schools Date Concluded


U.K University of East Anglia, School of Health Sciences 2019.3
Finland University of Oulu,Faculty of Medicine,Department of Nursing and Health Administration 2007.8
Hungary Semmerweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences 2020.3

North America

America Beckman Research Institute and City of Hope National Medical Center 2020.5


Korea Ewha Womans University,Division of Nursing Science,College of Health Science 2002.11
Daegu Gyeongbuk institute of Science and Technology, Graduate School, Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering 2017.1
Chonnam University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Artificial Intelligence Convergence 2019.3
China Southern Medical University 2010.11
Ma'anshan University 2016.8
Hong Kong University of Hong Kong, School of Nursing 2018.7
Taiwan Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, College of Nursing 2013.7
Taipei Medical University,College of Nursing 2013.11
Thailand Phetchaburi Rajabhat University,Faculty of Nursing Science 2017.8
Mahidol University, Ramathibodi School of Nursing 2022.4
Indonesia Health Polytec Ministry of Health of Jacarta III 2019.1
Malaysia Universiti Sans Malaysia 2023.3


Foreign Students in our School

Country School/Faculties Graduate School Research Students,etc Total
Master Doctor
China 0 3 10 2 15
Saudi Arabia 0 0 0 1 1
Total 0 3 10 3 16



International related activities

  • 2023/09/28-10/09NEW
    Two graduate students visit professors at the University of California for the ongoing collaborative study
    September 28 - October 9, 2023

    With the support of OU Cross-Boundary Innovation Program, two graduates from our Community Nursing Unit visited University of California, School of Public Health and School of Nursing.
    The following is a brief report of what they have learned about the realities of the medical and long-term care field in the United States.

    • Many university officials were friendly. Relationships between students and faculties were more frank than in Japan, yet they respected each other, and their relationship seemed very good.
    • In the aspect of medical care and welfare for the elderly, lifestyles differed depending on their economic situation. As the population was not aging as rapidly as in Japan, the social security system for the elderly, such as day care services and home-visit bathing, was not as extensive. On the other hand, we found some good points such as senior centers where people can go even before they need nursing care, and can experience various activities free of charge (donations are acceptable). It was also found that volunteer workers are much more numerous than in Japan, providing opportunities for social participation even after retirement.
    • At the senior center specialized for Japanese-Americans (JSEI), they were able to experience the culture (i.e. Japanese songs, language, and cooking), and enjoy activities with people who share the same roots.

    Practice for research presentation at UCSF, School of Nursing


    Visit to JSEI, with Ms. Youk (JSEI staff, 2nd from left)
    and Prof. Tseng
    (UC Berkeley, School of Public Health, 3rd from left)


    With the faculties of UC Berkeley/UCSF
    from left, Prof. Mock (UCSF), Ms. Ohata (OU),
    Assis. Prof. Yeh (UCSF), Prof. Tseng (UC Berkeley),
    Ms. Morioka (OU), Prof. Maus (UC Berkeley), and Ms. Fujita (UCSF)


    At the interview with a Japanese nurse, Ms. Kawai (center)

  • 2023/09/19-21
    Our Gerontological Nursing Unit researchers visited University of Oulu
    As part of the OU Cross-Boundary Innovation Program, Dr. Yamakawa and one graduate student from the Gerontological Nursing Unit visited the University of Oulu, one of the partner universities with our Division of Health Sciences. On the first day, at the Research Unit and GNC (Gero Nursing Center), they were introduced to local digital technology education, and also had discussions about building big data using AI. On the second day, they toured the various facilities, including the ‘BUSINESSOULU Company’, which supports the business commencement in Oulu, the ‘Mittlab (Medical Imaging Teaching and Test Laboratory’ equipped inside the hospital for the students working with X-rays and MRIs, and the ‘stomach ward’ specialized only for student education on gastroenterology.
    Comments from Dr. Yamakawa:
    The University of Oulu, together with the City of Oulu and other stakeholders, is working citywide to bring digital solutions to social issues, and is also achieving substantial results. The same trend is taking place in Japan, but I believe that the graduate was able to have a more concrete image of the project after being exposed to the efforts of the City of Oulu.
  • 2023/02/19

    Dr. Kamide made an invited lecture in the 5th International Conference on Prevention and Management of Chronic Condition at Mahidol University

  • 2023/02/06

    Visitors from Yonsei University!

  • 2022/07/19

    Lecture given in the 2022 TMUN (Taipei Medical University Nursing) online Exchange Program under the title of "The use of ICT in a super-aged society", by Associate Professor Miyae Yamakawa, on 29th July 2022.

  • 2022/12/08

    Special Lecture “The situation of elderly care in Thailand and what Thai dentists do for the elderly” held. (Integrated General Nursing Science Lab.)

  • 2022/06/22-25
    Prof. Masaki Takahashi (Clinical Neurophysiology Lab) served as the President of The 13th International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium Meeting (@OSAKA).
    The IDMC-13 was held on 22-25 June 2022 , hosted by Professor Masaki
    Takahashi of Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory, in a hybrid format with Senri Life Science Center as the local venue.
    About 50 people participated on-site, including 10 from 7 foreign countries, and about 300 people participated online. On the last day (The Families Day on webinar) for patients, supporters and medical professionals, was a great success with 655 participants.

History in pictures click to see more!

History of academic exchange

Division of Health Sciences, Center for International Academic Programs

Center for International Academic Programs was established in 2009 to promote global academic exchange. The center willingly assists in conducting inter-faculty academic exchange agreements with overseas universities, to realize globalization of students and faculty members. There are variety of short-term programs (2 weeks) for students, hosted by partner universities including Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University and the University of Hong Kong. The Summer School for long-term care for the elderly, organized by a geriatric nursing office, has enjoyed high reputation from partner universities in Asia since 2016. In addition, a new project 'Digital Health Module in postgraduate higher education' was launched in 2018, collaborated with Oulu University, Finland.

The center also supports special lectures given by overseas guest speakers and Japanese researchers of foreign base several times a year.