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  • Develop global human resources who can respond to an ever-diversifying medical environment and who can play a crucial role in the field of health sciences.
  • Conduct research that contributes to society with a unique and innovative viewpoint.


  • Front runner in developing medical professionals
  • Nation’s top-level education and research in the medical & life science fields
  • Professional faculty team to support the new interdisciplinary field and motivated students with an enterprising spirit
  • Development of leaders for a healthy 21st-century society

3 Fields of Study

Integrated Health and Nursing Science

  • - Science-oriented nursing
  • - Development of human resources with leadership skills and advanced nursing knowledge
  • - Training for researchers and educators who can further advance nursing sciences

Medical Imaging Technology and Science

  • - Cutting-edge biomedical engineering technology
  • - Development of medical engineers and researchers with a wide range of knowledge and viewpoints
  • - Understanding of new technologies such as AI and radiological information science

Medical Laboratory Science and Technology

  • - Research and education on theory and technology to accurately acquire information about diagnosis and treatment
  • - Learning of medicine and clinical laboratory science, and in-depth research on bioinformatics