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Medical Physics


During radiation therapy, tumor cells are killed through physical, chemical, and biological processes. Medical physics is a multidisciplinary research field involving basic physics (such as radiation, nuclear, and atomic/molecular physics, radiation measurement, and electromagnetism), physical mathematics, information engineering, medicine, and biology. Research and development in medical physics had successfully improved the precision and efficacy of radiation treatment.
In our laboratory, we aim to conduct research for the advancement of medicine, particularly radiation treatment. We also offer under- and post-graduate students high-level training to become medical physicists and technologists in universities, research institutes, clinical hospitals, and manufacturing companies, since high-level medical/research staff who can develop and improve clinical applications, as required by the society, are in demand.

Laboratory Members

Professor Teiji NISHIO
Associate Professor Hodaka NUMASAKI
Associate Professor Dousatsu SAKATA
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Main Research Themes

  • Particle irradiated dose imaging system in the body
  • Particle CT imaging system
  • Time-dependent dosimetric system
  • Dose verification software
  • Collection and analysis of national radiotherapy information
  • Investigation of radiation-induced DNA damage and radiobiological phenomena
  • Radiation transport simulation code Geant4/Geant4-DNA