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Development and Regerative Medicine


Using genetics and developmental technology, our laboratory conducts basic research on regenerative medicine development and neuronal pathologies, especially sensory organ and retinal diseases. The final goal is prevention and developing new approaches to manage these diseases.
We use SEAM, a human organoid model of eye development (Nature 2016) in our studies regarding eye development and diseases. For neural and eye disease research, including age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, gene-manipulated animals, including zebrafish (KO and transgenic), are used as disease and research models (Am J Pathology 2018, PNAS 2007, and Neuron 2004). We additionally conduct human genetics research, including the identification of disease-causing and/or sensitive genes (Nat Genet 1999).


Laboratory Members

Professor Motokazu TSUJIKAWA
Associate Professor Shigeru SATOU
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