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Sugar chains are important biomolecules involved in the post-translational modification of proteins, and are called the third-life chain after nucleic acids and proteins. Glycosyltransferase genes (glycogenes) that biosynthesize sugar chains account for approximately 1% of all human genes, and sugar chains bind to approximately 60% of proteins. Glycans are involved in various life phenomena and pathological conditions and are considered a major life sciences research topic in the 21st century. In our laboratory, we aim to develop novel glycan biomarkers and glycan therapy by evaluating disease pathologies, specifically for gastrointestinal diseases, using glycan analysis technology. The laboratory website lists nine research subjects. In addition, at the Center for Borderless Design of Medicine, we are working on industry-academia collaboration for glycan research.


Laboratory Members

Professor Eiji MIYOSHI
Associate Professor Junpei KONDO
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