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Area of Integrated Health and Nursing Science/Department of Children's and Women's Health
Child and Family Nursing


We are engaged in nursing research to promote the three following categories of growth and development within the family.

Among family lifecycles, we are currently engaged in research on the following topics, aiming to contribute to the health of children and their families, with a focus on the family in its formative years.

  • Constructing the middle-range theory via a dyadic /family interview.
  • Research on the development of a pediatric version of the QoL (quality of life) Scale for capturing the opinion of children.
  • Hypothesis testing using paired data, such as married couples/parents and their children.
  • Case study research to visualize the family nursing process with practitioners.

Laboratory Members

Professor Akemi YAMAZAKI
Lecturer Ryota KIKUCHI
Assistant Professor Tae KAWAHARA
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