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Area of Integrated Health and Nursing Science/Department of Health Promotion Science
Integrated General Nursing Science


In this laboratory, we conduct research on a wide range of subjects with an aim to support and promote the health of people and local communities in cooperation with the government and companies.
Focusing on themes such as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and community development aimed at extending healthy life expectancy, we are also conducting several extensive studies on fostering social capital and social health-related factors. Along with quick and flexible responses to changes with time, we conduct research to solve health-associated social issues. In addition, we aim to fill the gaps in social systems by connecting dots with a warm perspective and conduct interdisciplinary and highly creative research activities.


Laboratory Members

Professor Mai KABAYAMA
Assistant Professor Michiko KIDO
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Main Research Topics

  • Social capital and health
  • Promoting healthy community development and prevention of long-term care
  • Preventing onset and aggravation of lifestyle-related diseases
  • Establishing evidence for health guidance
  • Enhancing community-based comprehensive care
  • Comfortable medical treatment and living environment