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Area of Integrated Health and Nursing Science/Department of Evidence-Based Clinical Nursing
Acute and Palliative Care Laboratory


Our laboratory conducts research to develop nursing interventions for various patients, and gather evidence to improve the quality of care for those experiencing physical and psychological distress, including individuals with cancer and their families and healthcare providers in emergency medical care. All cancer care-related topics are welcome. We also conduct studies regarding end-of-life care. We aim to harmonize scientific evidence with artful care to enable patients and their families to reclaim their lives. Website

Laboratory Members

Professor Harue Arao
Associate Professor Sena Yamamoto
Assistant Professor Saori Tamura
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Main Themes of Research

  • Symptom management in people with cancer (Arao and Yamamoto)
  • Cancer care for patients undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy and their families (Arao, Yamamoto, and Tamura)
  • Nursing interventions to support self-care by people with cancer (Arao, Yamamoto, and Tamura)
  • Cancer survivorship care (Arao and Yamamoto)
  • Palliative care for people with cancer and their families (Arao and Yamamoto)
  • Resilience of people with cancer undergoing treatment (Tamura)
  • Bereaved families of people with cancer (Arao and Yamamoto)
  • Support development through collaboration with ontological engineering (Arao and Yamamoto)