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History in Pictures


Online Summer Program at Osaka University 2021:
Long Term Care System & Scientific Technology in Japanese Aging Society
July 12 - July 16, 2021

Due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, this co-sponsored program (by Osaka University Geriatric Nursing Lab. & Gurume Kineya Shakai Hoken no Ie) was held online for the first time in two years, participated by fourteen graduates from 3 asian partnership universities (Taipei Medical Univesrity, South Medical Univesrity and University of Hong Kong). During 1 week, all programs were delivered online including a variety of lectures, workshops, facilitiy visits, cultural exchange and presentations. After the program, the certificate was issued to all in recognition of their enthusiasm and commitment to the problmes and approaches to the long term care in super aging society in Japan.

Program Timetable
  • サムネイル

    Opening session

Japan-Hungary Twin Research Joint Seminar (Online, December 2020 - March 2021)

Dr. Adam Tarnoki and Dr. David Tarnoki of Semmelweis University, Hungary (who are also twins, founders of the Hungarian Twin Registry, and guest associate professors of the Twin Research Center) and Dr. Takahashi, Vice Director of the Center for Twin Research, Osaka University, delivered in cooperation a seminar video titled "An Approach towards Twin Studies from the viewpoint of Radiology". In medicine, both diagnostic radiology and therapeutic radiology are of great importance, as it must deal with the entire body.
Initially, it was scheduled to be delivered until the end of January, but due to ongoing questions and lively discussions, the delivery period has been extended to the end of March. Questions and answers are posted on the Twin Research Center website as appropriate. This event is sponsored by the Center for International Academic Programs, Osaka Univ. Graduate School of Medicine.

The Faculty of Health Sciences, Semmelweis University and the Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University have signed an International exchange agreement, and we plan to further enhance our collaboration.
In addition, the Erasmus+ program, which supports research exchange among students and researchers, has also been adopted for three years starting July 2018, and we plan to continue exchanges through visits to Japan and Hungary.

  • サムネイル

    Seminar Flyer

  • サムネイル

    Meeting members visiting Semmelweis Univ. in 2019 (Erasmus +)

  • サムネイル

    Dr. Adam and David coming to Japan at the 2016 Twin Festival in Osaka Univ.

'The Online Study Program for Inbound Students 2021' at Taipei Medical University (TMU) in Taiwan from 25th January to 5th February 2021

Due to the pandemic of the new corona virus (COVID-19), it was held online for the first time. Two undergraduates from Nursing registered the program and took lectures that they were interested in.
On opening remarks, one of our students introduced using slides, not only Osaka University but Osaka culture and the recent COVID-19 pandemic situation in Osaka.
A variety of themes were prepared for the lectures, including 'OSCE and Therapeutic Communication', 'Smart Critical Nursing Care, TED-ICU System & ADC, and 'Mental Health & Suicide', which they found especially very interesting.
During each QA session, they could learn views and culture of the other participants from various asian countries.

  • サムネイル

    A slide used for 'Introduction of the participating universites'.

Recent collaboration with the University of Hong Kong (since 2018)

A part the recent collaborative activities between Osaka Univesrity and the Univestity of Hong Kong are included in an album (A collection of the exchange and life enrichment activities) that has been compiled recently by the Universtiy of Hong Kong. (see the pages 17, 60, and others)

A whole activities have been suspended due to the pandemic, though, we will resume them soon in webinar style so as to further enrich our collaboration.

  • サムネイル

    Contribution from a then master student of the Univesrity of Hong Kong, who participated in the Osaka University Summer Program 'Long term care in the aging society in Japan' held in July 2019.

  • サムネイル

    From 'High Table dinner' at the 'Incoming Student Exchange Programme' held in March 2019 at the University of Hong Kong.

  • サムネイル

    With other participants

  • サムネイル

    With other participants


'Mental well-being in population health research: Some thoughts through my career lifecourse'

A special lecture was given by Dr Noriko Cable, a senior research fellow of International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health Dept, University College London (UCL).
Talking with reflection of her career lifecourse, she introduced and explained the current evidence in the UK, research approach and what we we should look into reserach.
Her continuous attitude to make uncertainties clear from a nurse perspective was very impressive.

  • サムネイル

    Dr Noriko Cable is pictured left.

2020 school year

'Xièxie, Ma'anshan University!'
Donated 25,000 masks from Ma'anshan University, China 28th April, 2020

In the shortage of masks under the pandemic of new corona virus (COVID-19), one of our partner schools, Ma'anshan University in China, offered a helping hand to us. The big gift of approx. 25,000 masks arrived with a warmful message '相知無遠近 万里尚為隣 同心抗疫 大阪加油!' at the end of April.
Our division has started academic/stduent exchanges with Ma'anshan University since 2016.
The masks are immediately supplied with the healthcare workers of our University Hospital and other local institutes/hospitals with great appreciation.

  • サムネイル

    Encouraging message!

  • サムネイル

    (from left) Dean, Professor Miyoshi, and Professor Ohno, with gratitude